Saturday, January 30, 2010

The beginning, well...before the beginning

I personally am tired of buying groceries that then stay in the pantry for so long that they can be carbon dated or they go bad in the refrigerator. I have decided to plan my menus in two week blocks and restrict myself to one shopping trip every pay period and force myself to use what I have on hand. I will buy economically and expect to use everything. I have two young boys who have particular likes and dislikes and one of them is lactose intolerant so I will have these restrictions to keep in mind.
This blog will include my grocery list along with the prices of the items. Additionally, I will list the items that are staples in the pantry and include them only when my supply is depleted. This is my real life so items will change and sometimes we will squeeze another meal out of leftovers and make grilled cheese for the children (one lactose free, of course) and I will note those times. Finally, I will include recipes and my resources for menu ideas.
Over the next two weeks, I will be planning my first shopping trip. I am eager to try some new recipes and may actually add some requirements or restrictions to the project during the course of life. We shall see!