Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Apocalypse. Now?

I have been thinking about this project and narrowing down my goal and part of it, obviously, is to use fresh food when it is fresh and not have it go all moldy in my refrigerator. I also want to serve and consume healthy food that is heavy on vegetables and lean protein and light on fat and empty calories. Finally, I want to take as few trips to the store as possible, spend as little money as possible, and not spend half of every day wondering what I am going to cook for dinner. So, in summary: I want fresh, healthy food, with minimum kitchen and grocery store time.

One of my friends mentioned her fear in buying only 2 weeks worth of groceries to then use up siting the fear of an apocalyptic scenario. More likely in my area is the threat of severe winter weather or a hurricane...both of which could leave us in a lurch. I am also aware of threats to our water and food supplies but I don't buy drinkable water now so this project won't lessen my family's preparation for that.

At any rate, my inner hoarder does shiver at the thought of having empty pantries and freezers at the end of a two week period so I will explain during my "shopping receipt rehash" the items I bought outside of my shopping list to be added to my stockpile of emergency rations. This will also satisfy my penchant for buying in bulk. I also want to have some make-ahead items on hand so I will be using some of these items for that (i.e. make two lasagnas and freeze one). I will account for my stockpile usage when making my shopping list. I will also account for the make-ahead meal consumption when I make my bi-weekly menus.

Nothing warms my heart quite like knowing that we are all stocked up. Just today, I went to my local Wholesale club and stocked up on TP, Laundry Detergent, Bleach, Dryer Sheets, and Diapers. I feel full just thinking about it.

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