Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Yet another update and a teaser

We have been working through a rotation of dinners that have already been well documented on this blog. I may have fallen into a rut but it became obvious to me that I cook in patterns and this is how it is. I know a lot of recipes and I try a lot of recipes but I tend to do them all at once and then start over again. So, we have been eating Chicken Pot Pie, Spaghetti with meatballs, Quiche, Breakfast for Dinner, Roast Chicken, Beef Roast, Pork Chops, etc. etc. etc.

My mom was in town last week and I recently hosted a Tastefully Simple party and have new seasoning mixes to use. I made a delicious Pesto Chicken Pasta which I will post in the coming days. I also made Pan Fried Vanilla Cinnamon French Toast Sticks which will be making its debut as well. Finally, I did a two-for by seasoning a whole Chicken and a Beef Roast and cooking them low and slow on the grill in the misty rain yesterday. We already made use of the leftover chicken by having Chicken Tortilla Soup tonight for supper.

I clicked away with the camera and will post recipes complete with pictures in the very near future!

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