Monday, March 1, 2010

The project is falling into place

Yesterday, I made a list of some things that I will cook over the next two weeks, checked my store circular, loaded my loyalty card with electronic coupons and set off to bargain shop. You see, I have been inspired by my friend over at Mason-Dixon Magnolia to start couponing. She is truly successful with it and has two boys, stays at home, etc. I think if she can do it with her schedule of being a pastor's wife, I can too. She also gets loads of free stuff and I have started requesting free samples to join her too. I think the green-eyed monster will get me to see green in my purse soon. I was so jealous of her when I saw the free stuff she was scoring and I can't wait to learn her secrets of couponing.

So, bargain shopping: I went to Aldi and got my milk and eggs among other things and I made notes of what I spent on the items I purchased and also noted the prices on things that I may buy in the future so I could check out how it matches up with Safeway, my regular grocery store. I then went to BJ's Wholesale club and picked up a big bag of garbage bags and a bag of pine nuts. I use pine nuts in several recipes and three of those recipes are coming up in this cycle so I needed lots and wasn't about to spend $4 per little bag at the grocery store. NO! I will spend $11 at BJs for a bag the size of my face...not sure if it was really a bargain but I am thinking it saved me a buck or so. While I was at BJ's I checked their price on milk and! I paid more at Aldi! $.20 more per gallon and I bought 3 for the milk and $.60 more for the eggs! Live and learn. At least I spent less at Aldi for the milk and eggs than I would at Safeway. I saved at least $1 per gallon by getting it at Aldi.

I had clipped some coupons that I printed but I mostly loaded my Safeway card with electronic coupons so it was just as well that the printed coupons disappeared into thin air at some point between the desk and the car...their whereabouts is still a mystery. Anyway, I was happy with the coupon and store promotion savings. I spent $150 at Safeway but saved $70 overall with the less expensive milk and eggs and, oh bread! I bought bread for $.99 per loaf at Aldi. This is only a small and mediocre example of what can be saved with coupons and I am looking forward to stocking up and having smaller grocery bills. By the way, I don't think I will make the special extra trip to Aldi. I am not willing to save just a couple of pennies for the sacrifice of quality. The second and third ingredients in their apple sauce is Corn Syrup and High Fructose Corn Syrup. I will; however, go to BJs for the milk and eggs and check coupons for bread or get that at BJs too.

Since I only shop every other week, I will be missing on some coupon deals but, for now, I am going to stick to the program and only shop once every two weeks. It is so nice to know that I don't have to reserve any money for groceries and the money I have leftover after my trip to the store is for me to designate to anything else I want/need to.

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  1. Hey, Great Job! The most important thing is that you noticed the difference in prices between stores. Some folks keep a price book for that purpose, so that they know how often sales cycle on particular items. $75 per week for groceries is nothing to sneeze at. The national average for a family your size is something akin to $250 (which is absurd). You're doing great! And, thanks for the shout-out =)