Sunday, April 11, 2010

Cheese Sauce

I refer to this "base" recipe in a lot of postings so I decided to post it separately so it is easy to use as a reference tool. This can be made dairy free - as posted here with the chicken stock or you can use cows milk or soy milk instead and you can use cows milk cheese as well. It is very versitile and can be used within recipes or alone for chips and cheese dip!

2 T Oil
2 T AP Flour
1.5 C to 2 C Chicken Stock
3 Slices Cheddar Flavored Veggie Slices Soy Cheese. Rice Cheese also works well for this

Heat the oil over medium-high heat and add the flour, whisk the flour and oil together until it starts to smell nutty, just a couple of minutes. Slowly add the chicken stock whisking together until the lumps are all gone and it starts to thicken - you have just made gravy, by the way. Add the cheese and let it melt completely. DONE! Add this sauce to elbow macaroni or use it to top broccoli, potatoes, really anything you would use a cheese sauce on.

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