Thursday, April 8, 2010

House Guests eating leftovers

I haven't posted because I haven't been cooking! Our house guests arrived on Monday afternoon and we ate leftover fried chicken from Saturday. You are probably thinking to yourself, "why is this woman feeding guests leftovers?!" Well these are really good friends and they don't need me to cook for them to know that I love them. So, we ate good, delicious food...I just didn't have to stand in front of the stove to make it happen.

Tuesday we had pizza while we went fishing at the wharf and that night, we went out to eat at Buddy's Crabs and Ribs in Annapolis.

Wednesday we took everyone into DC for a day of touring and ate at Hard Rock Cafe. When we got home, we reheated some breadsticks from the "fishing Pizza", boiled some spaghetti noodles and heated up the sauce from last week's Birthday Supper.

We also have been doing some world class snacking that includes homemade guacamole and chips (see recipe below) and a plate of late-night snacks including Easter Ham, Cheese, Sliced Bread-cut into quarters, Dijon mustard, pepperoni, apple slices, and clementines. Time went by quickly but not cooking truly made it feel like I was on vacation too!

Homemade Guacamole:

To serve 4 adults and some children a snack portion, I used 3 avocados but you can certainly expand this recipe as needed and add flavors that suit your taste.

3 Avocados
1 T Salsa
1 T Tomatillo Salsa Verde (it is green and you can buy it where you get jars of salsa)
1/2 t Salt - or more if you need it
1 t chopped garlic or dried garlic seasoning
1 T lime juice

Slice the avocados and remove the stone (I stick it with the blade of my knife and then ease it off the knife by pinching the side that is wedged into the knife), either peel away the outside or spoon the avocado into a bowl. Mash with a potato masher. Before you mash it all, add the rest of the ingredients. Continue to mash the guacamole until you have it at the consistency that you like. I like mine to be a little chunky.

Serve immediately - the avocado turns brown as quickly as an apple does and while the citrus juice slows this process down, you can't save it for later.

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